Soap With Rope

Soap With Rope
110.00 TRY
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11SAIPLI - Z18
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Miktar 2+
Fiyat 99.00 TRY

% 100 Natural Soaps with string are made by Soap company SABVN , especially for us. It is produced only by pure olive oil , drinking water and lye. We never ever use olive-oil extract in our soaps. All our soaps are handmade during process and cut. This may cause the variation on their weight which is approx.250gr. It is packed by jute cloth just to give a different touch . BITTIM is a kind of wild pistcahio grows only in the mountains of Siirt ,in Turkey. Our BITTIM soaps are made of the oil taken out from this pistachio . As it is rarely found , our stocks of this kind are limited unfortunately.


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