Tunic / Dress Silk - Taupe Stripes

Tunic / Dress Silk - Taupe Stripes
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Tunic / Dress Silk - Taupe Stripes

100% silk

Approximately 150 gram

The fabric is woven in our factory Babadag, then it is tailored in our Istanbul atelier.

We also have scarf of this dress.

One size only, please see our size guide.

You can order with or without fringes please indicate when you are ordering. Please note that if you order, different than what is shown here, our delivery time might take 4-5 days longer.

You can easily wear on your jeans, or pants or skirts..... It is also nice outfit.

We always try to manufacture special products. Some people do not even use, real silk yarn which is taken from the bug. Cause then it is expensive. But keep using nature friendly yarns. Simply as our motto "naturesake" we try to stay natural.

Our factory in Babadag is only specialized to manufacture with hand loom old technique machines. So our products much more durable than the mass produced ones. Cause the idle speeds of our machines are nearly 80% less than the automatic machines.

Our colors do not fade away easily, cause, the yarn is not harmed as in automatic machines.

Natural look, rustic feel, silk.... soft....

Since our motto is "nature sake" we do not use harmfull chemicals.

Our free gift package is available, please ask for it.

We are open for custom orders, if you have something different in your mind, please feel free to contact us.

We do not ship at the weekends

Enjoy !


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Here are some tips for your products which we used silk yarn for production.

Although our fabric does not give the dying out but by nature it is useful to try. 

With moist clean white cloth.

Please wipe a small part of your products, if the it give dying to the moist cloth please use the dry cleanning.

Wash the silk with sensetive detergent.  Choose a product produced for silk fabrics.

Please use mild water.  We suggest hand washing.  But still you can use sensetive programme in your wash machine.

Please avoid bleach and softner. To avoid harsh chemicals simply.

Please do not use drying machine.  Always prefer hang to dry.

If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact, info@lalay.net or call us 0212 210 19 21.

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