Slipper / Jean - Blue - Ecru Hand Printed - (Open Toe)

Slipper / Jean - Blue - Ecru Hand Printed - (Open Toe)
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Finally we did it.  

It has been so long it was our project to make slippers.

The fabric is outsourced, it is a denim fabric.  100% cotton

Hand Print done in Tokat.

And in Istanbul we made the slipper.  We use genunine leather.

The leather we have chosen inside, as you can see, it is kind of dark.

Because, we know some people feet are sweaty and these slippers are becoming very slippery.

So we tried to avoid of slip the feet inside of the slipper and used this leather.

You can wear it indoor and outdoor.

We have sizes, and different models.

Again, as our motto "naturesake" and "zerowaste", we followed  the necessary steps.

Upon request we can give you measurements if you like.  

Enjoy our very special product of us.


  • Cotton
  • Leather

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Please do not wash your slippers.

Please clean them with slightly wet fabric. And then dry them.

If you need any further assistance please write to us or call us 0212 210 19 21

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