Shoe - Babouche / Leather / Handmade - Yellow

Shoe - Babouche / Leather / Handmade - Yellow
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100 % Leather




Soft Babouche.

Different than what is in the market our babouche are more like shoe.  Not softer as are in the market. Means long lasting.

Very comfortable.

No sweat.

This old type shoes, used to wear by villagers, but nowadays it became very fashionable. All made in hand.

And when you wear them your body transfer the bad electric to the soil. Cause there is a small layer of clay in the sole of the shoe. And it will not make your feet sweaty.

Only natural, stay natural, for nature sake.

Note that, we have bigger sizes, but we produce upon demand.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy !


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Please do not wash your babouche

Please clean them with slightly wet fabric. And then dry them.

You can wax them no problem at all. Or paint.

If you need any further assistance please write to us or call us 0212 210 19 21

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