Scarf Silk Felted - Red

Scarf Silk Felted - Red
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Scarf Silk Felted - Red

We felted red thin silk fabric with beige and black flowers and leaves figures.

58 x 169 cm

Approximately 50 gram

Both very chic accessory, and keep you warm in winter days.

Slight imperfections are typical of the natural materials, defining a truly unique pieces.

It is a perfect gift also.

Our free gift package is available, please ask for it.

According the time, the order appears in our system, we ship the same day.

We do not ship at the weekends

Enjoy !


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It is silk and felted we only advise dry cleanning.  With your own risk you can wash in hand in cold water, very gently.

If you have any questions please write or call 0212 210 19 21.

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