Turkish GDPR



SGM Dogal Tekstil Sanayi ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. (lalay.net)

In accordance with the importance we attach to the security of your personal data, any personal data we hold within our structure are processed, stored and transferred in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698. This information has been prepared in accordance with Article 10 of the Law titled “Disclosure Liability of Data Officer” regarding your personal data collected, stored and processed by lalay.net in the capacity of ”Data Officer”.


In accordance with the law, personal data identity is defined as any kind of data belonging to certain and determinable natural persons, all kinds of data to be accepted within this scope are subject to the relevant legislation at lalay.net.

Your personal data; to confirm the identity of the shopper / contractor through the website, to register the address and other necessary information for the communication, to communicate with our customers regarding the conditions, current status and updates of the contracts concluded under the relevant articles of the Law on Online Selling Contract and the Consumer Protection Act, to be able to perform the obligations under the contracts concluded in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law on Consumer Protection Act, o evaluate customer complaints and suggestions about our services, to be able to fulfill our legal obligations and to exercise our rights under the applicable legislation and for similar purposes.


There are various regulations in the use of personal data of our customers.

Initially, the principles of protection of personal data have been determined by the Turkish GDPR. In addition, Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce also contains provisions on the protection of personal data. Criminal sanctions were envisaged in some cases for the protection of personal data through the provisions of Turkish Penal Code numbered 5237.On the other hand, it is necessary to collect and use the data for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations arising from the Regulation on the Protection of the Consumer and the Distance Contracts Regulation No. 6502.


Transfer of the personal data of our clients to third parties is subject to their explicit consent, that is to say no personal data is transferred to third parties without the client’s permission. However, in accordance with and within the limits of our legal obligations personal data is transferred to Law Courts and other competent public offices. Furthermore, personal data is transferred to contracted third parties for the purpose of providing our contractual services and ensuring the quality control of such services. All legal and technical measures are taken to prevent eventual breaches of rights in the course of data transfer to third parties. However, lalay.net is not liable of the breaches that may occur within the risk areas under the responsibility or due to the data protection policies of the receiving third party.


Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law, those persons whose data has been processed can apply to lalay.net

a) to learn whether his personal data are processed or not,

b) to request information if his personal data are processed,

c) to learn the purpose of his data processing and whether this data is used for intended purposes,

d) to know the third parties to whom his personal data is transferred at home or abroad,

e) to request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any,

f) to request the erasure or destruction of his personal data under the conditions laid down

in Article 7,

g) to request notification of the operations carried out in compliance with sub-paragraphs

(d) and (e) to third parties to whom his personal data has been transferred,

h) to object to the processing, exclusively by automatic means, of his personal data, which leads to an unfavourable consequence for the data subject,

i) to request compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of his personal data. Requests submitted in this context will be dealt with by the Company within 30 days at the latest free of charge, except fort he eventual fees set forth by the Personal Data Protection Authority.


Having the function of ”Data Controller” under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data Nr. 6698 (“Law”), SGM Dogal Tekstil Sanayi ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. (lalay.net) is aiming through this Statement of Consent to obtain the explicit consent of its clients to its below mentioned personal data processing operations.

For the following circumstances where the personal data processing conditions set forth in Art. 5, Paragraph 2 and Art. 6, Paragraph 3 cannot be complied with, lalay.net is obliged to obtain the explicit consent of its clients to such personal data processing.The processes which do not require explicit consent are conducted according to Clarification Text, of which fundamental principles also apply to the data processes which are subject to explicit consent.

Personal data can be processed in line with the consent of the client and can be shared with third parties indicated in the Clarification Text for the purposes of preparing customer oriented campaigns, determination of target customer groups, enhancing user experience by means of tracking customer actions, improving the functionality and customization of lalay.net website according to customer needs, direct and indirect marketing, customized marketing and re-marketing activities, customized segmentation, targeting, analysis, internal reporting, market research, planning and execution of customer satisfaction activities, offering and advertising customized products and/or services to selected clients of lalay.net according to their preferences, habits and needs, planning and execution of customer relation processes and in generalplanning and execution of marketing and sales processes of the products and/or services of lalay.net.