Peshtemal Target - Air Blue

Peshtemal Target - Air Blue
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Target peshtemal / towel. Air Blue

100% Cotton

100 x 180 cm + fringes.

Approximately 300 gram

Dries quickly , does not take much space and it is very light.

Our factory in the small village Babadag, is specialized manufacturing only hand loomed old techique machines. +/-%5 size changes must be tolerated .

The name is coming from the texture, as you can see the texture looks like target boards.. So we have given the name Target to this one.

Our products are much more durable than mass produced ones, cause idle speed of our machines are nearly 80% less than the other machines.

Our colors do not fade away easily. Cause the yarn is not harmed too much due to our old technique machines. Plus, our products will not lose their "new" look for longer period.

We are in love with the mother nature and we try to do our best for the "nature sake". And we do proud of our manufacturing.

Since we are not using harmful chemicals, our products absorbs better and better after couples of washes.

And for sure softer than the ones which are made in automatic machines.

We call it towel but you can call most of our product multi-purpose fabric though. for bath, at the beach, as wrap, as pareo, and even some people are using as table cloth.

Our free gift packing is available please ask for it.

Since we are a boutique manufacturer, we are open custom orders, please contact us.

According the time, the order appears in our system, we ship the same day.

We do not ship at the weekends

Enjoy !


Air Blue
  • Cotton

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  • In general, people like to wash items which they buy as towel, bathrobe or bed linen, and if you can see all towels are in the market, their instructions advise, to wash before use to get softer products.
  • We do not suggest you to wash for this purpose, you can wash for your own cleanning, but not to get softer products.
  • Our products are already soft and have absorbency.
  • Machine wash 30 degree with similar colors.
  • No tumble dry.
  • We suggest you to hang to dry.

  • Please do not use any fabric softner, and do not bleach.
  • In fact we recommend staying away from softners, as they actually reduce the absorbency of the product.
  • Lalay products are very soft but to keep them super soft, add a splash of white household vinegar to a rinse cycle from time to time.

  • If you pull a thread, simply cut off the pulled loop with scissors. Your product will not be damaged or unravel.
  • We hope this helps you to take care of your product. As always, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us +90 212 210 19 21 or write to us

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