Foot Stool - Wood Legs - Chaput Fabric

Foot Stool - Wood Legs - Chaput Fabric
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Foot Stool

Wood parts made of oak tree.

The fabric parts are made different, left over chaput and linen fabrics.

You can use foot stool, or some people even sit on it around short coffee tables.

Approximately 2.250 gram

Height  30 cm

Diameter 40 cm

One of our limited edition production.

One of a kind.

As our motto "nature sake" we do not let anything wasted.

According the time of the order appears in our system. We ship same day by DHL.

Weekends we do not ship.

Enjoy !

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Please clean the top part with moist cloth and let it dry.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us "as always" +90 212 210 19 21

or please write to us at

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