Carpet Vintage - 5.23 m2

Carpet Vintage - 5.23 m2
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100% Wool.

Made out of old Anatolian Rug ,

Bleached, re-dyed to give vintage effect Bordeaux - 185x283 - 5.23 m2

We collect old rugs woven in several cities around Anatolia. We do not re-process them if the rugs are in good condition. We just wash them and necessary bleach them and sometimes we shave them.

Please ask for our other sizes. They sell in a piece. So if you can give us your desired m2 and the color, we can send our file to you what we have in stock.

The time, your order appears in our system, we ship the same day by DHL

Enjoy !


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Please do not wash your carpet by yourself.

You can consult to a carpet cleaners, and please indicate what is your carpet.

Or you can clean them slightly wet cloth and leave it to dry.

Please avoid your carpet, very heavy direct sun.

If you have any further questions please feel free to write to us or call us 0212 210 19 21

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