Throw Leave / Orange Stitched

Throw Leave / Orange Stitched
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Throw Leave - Orange Stitched

100% cotton

150 x 220 cm (all around stitched)

Approximately 1.300 gram

We used thicker fabric for this throw.

We call it leave cause we have added small leave shape accessories on it.

Actually the pipping is like meter, but we cut them in pieces and only used as small leaves.

We also made the cushion cover of this model.

Stitch color can be changed, we preferred orange one looking at leaves colors, but there are also other colors you can choose from our color chart as we added as photo.

The fabric is handloomed in our factory Babadag. Then sent to Istanbul atelier to be tailored.

Since we are specialized in manufacturing in hand loomed old technique machines, our idle speeds of our machines are nearly 80% less than automatic machines. So our yarns are not harmed as much as produced in automactic machines ones. And our fabrics are much more durable than mass produced ones.

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Enjoy !


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We only advise dry cleaning due to accessories on the throw.

  • If you pull a thread, simply cut off the pulled loop with scissors. Your product will not be damaged or unravel.
  • We hope this helps you to take care of your product. As always, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us +90 212 210 19 21 or write to us

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