Cushion Cover / Carpet 9

Cushion Cover / Carpet 9
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Cushion Cover - Carpet 9


25 x 40 cm  (the size may vary since it is produced by the left over pieces)

Since we care of mother nature, we are not willing to waste any piece of fabrics.

So this time we use carpet pieces to make cushion cover.

We outsource the pieces and tailor them in our atelier.

There is not 2nd piece of these products.

Our free gift pack is available, please ask for it.

According the time, the order appears in our system, we ship the same day.

We do not ship at the weekends

Enjoy with this special product of ours.


  • Cotton

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  • We advise dry cleanning or clean with moist fabric. You can wash with your own risk.

  • If you pull a thread, simply cut off the pulled loop with scissors. Your product will not be damaged or unravel.
  • We hope this helps you to take care of your product. As always, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us +90 212 210 19 21 or write to us

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