About our company

Lalay is founded by Figen Subaşı Westerhof, Çiğdem Subaşı, Müge Konuralp and N. Nurçin Subaşı in 2007. We were only 4 young dreamers when we started our journey with the motto “everything must remain in its element”. Now we are a family of 24 on the way of becoming a “corporate company”

All artisans, craftsmen who still have strong bonds with Anatolian culture and their priceless, unique handicrafts are the main inspirations of our brand.

Well, why did we start our journey with textile? Why did we insist on handlooms?

Actually the social responsibility is more important than business. We remained faithful to this dream on the way to create our brand and that was the reason why we established our small factory in the idyllic village of Babadağ-in Denizli.

Babadağ is a small mountain village with 3000 inhabitants. However, the village happens to be in the landslide zone which causes a high number of immigration to the city of Denizli.

That’s the reason why the young population dwindles each year and so the village gets smaller.

Therefore instead of making mass production to sell and earn more, we as Lalay family preferred to gather all handloom producers aged 50 to 56 under the same roof. In other words, we decided to present to the World these handicrafts created in handlooms with skill, enthusiasm and hard work, under a brand of worldwide repute in its segment.

We built our own factory in 2013 as the first step of our dream. We brought together all our production under a same roof and as the second step and we increased our production capacity accordingly.

In this rapidly changing World, We as LALAY still strive to keep things in “their own element”. Therefore, we offer our products to you not only as unique items but also to revive and uphold the traditional handloom production which otherwise would have been doomed to oblivion.

Quality of Lalay

We only manufacture top quality products. And we do not sacrifice of our quality.